Thoughts On Plant

Hello Wil, hello all,

Wil, the story strikes me as reminiscent of "A Beautiful Mind,"
But in this case, the narrator would be in the position of
John Forbes Nash's illusory roommate. As with any nearly finished story,
the temptation is to project one's own storytelling predispositions
onto it, so I think it's worthwhile asking you:

Wil, what did you want the reader to be left with in this story? I.e. e.g.,
A year after a reader has read "Plant," what sorts of "aesthetic emotions"
(fusions of ideas and feelings) would the reader be left with?

This will determine to a great extent what is supposed to be
ambiguous in the story.

Also, I'm curious if anyone had any "pre-reader" issues with the story:
versimilitude, etc.

Robert Qualkinbush