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Wil McCarthy's Science Wiktion is an experiment in collaborative fiction. Basically, I was in the middle of some promising writing projects when I accidentally co-founded a successful nanotech company and was forced to cut way back on fiction writing due to lack of time and energy. Fiduciary duty requires that I give my full attention to company matters, and minimize outside distractions. So, rather than simply abandoning these projects, or back-burnering them until they've lost all relevance, I've decided to throw them open to mass collaboration. What the heck?

Code of Conduct

Anyone can read the wiktion, but page modification is restricted to registered users only. Posting of obscene, copyrighted, or defamatory material is strictly prohibited. Any spam or vandalism will result in the blocking of your host IP. This wiki is hosted by wikidot.com, whose terms of service apply at all times.

Please do not modify or add to a story until you have read the outline and the existing text. Please respect the audience by checking your facts, watching your grammar, and providing only your best work. This is hard science fiction; crap and nonsense will be deleted promptly.

License Agreement

This wiki is provided free of charge, for entertainment purposes only, and with no warranty. Some of the base material has been previously published by Wil McCarthy. All contents of this wiki, regardless of who contributed them, become the sole intellectual property of Wil McCarthy and The Science Bar LLC, and are protected under standard copyright. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN-SOURCE OR CREATIVE COMMONS PROJECT.

Why so draconian? I'd like to reserve the possibility of publishing the wiki content through traditional publishing channels, and this requires a clear and simple copyright arrangement. Nevertheless, you have my word as a gentleman that if this project ever generates revenue, 50% of the monies received by Wil McCarthy will be shared among the major contributors on a pro-rata basis.


Please do not post questions or concerns to the wiktion pages themselves. Use the discussion forum.

The Wiktion

Boundary Condition, a novel about religion, quantum mechanics, politics and war.

Release Notes, a novelette (or possibly a novella) about criminal rehabilitation in the mid-21st century.

Plant, a novelette about parallel universes.