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Hello all,

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Anyone Else Read Plant?
Hello all,

Plant reminds me of "A Beautiful Mind" but told from the pov of Nash's illusory rommate. Does anyone have any pre-reader feedback at this point? For example, any versimilitude issues, etc.?

Wil, how ambiguous did you want the pov's sanity to be?

The Discussion Forum doesn't seem to be working properly, so I am adding this page for Q&A and general discussion of the "Plant" wiktion. It's in wiki format rather than discussion forum format, but what the heck.

Wil McCarthy, 28 Feb 2008: Robert: I see you have created several new pages for discussion of PLANT, but you haven't placed any links on the welcome page or in the navigation bar so people can surf to these pages. At the moment, they are only accessible via the "Recent Changes" and "List All Pages" links. Could you move your comments here, or else edit the navigation bar to provide a link to them? Thanks.

Wil McCarthy, 22 Feb 2008: Test Message.